The maintenance of the bottles is a delicate thing. I started collecting the full bottles, but with the first move I realized that they weighed too much and with that weight if they fall on the floor they break, but if they are empty you can be lucky and they don't break.

Many bottles have reached our days intact, mainly because they were kept and never touched again, in a box, in an attic, in a shed, in an abandoned house, etc. In addition, things were more cared for, preserved, reused, either to be refilled, as a vase, to serve or for decoration.

The materials were also good because they were handcrafted and made by great masters. If we compare the label paper of the 1960s with those of today, it is like comparing the cover of a book with the first page.

Nowadays people live more in cities, where houses are not passed down from generation to generation, they are sold and space is very limited, so everything that is not useful is thrown away. In a village everything can go to a shed or to the corral, which does not bother.

Wash and protect, I will write to you next.