Spanish beers

WARNING! This is the best section of the web, but I want to warn you, especially if you are viewing it from your mobile. When you click on a tab, for example, in "Old beer bottles" you click on the tab "Águila", you will think that nothing happens, go to the bottom and you will see the photos of “El Águila” beers. Now you can click on the photo to see it in a larger size and you can also go directly to the next one.

¡Advertencia! Si no veis las fotos en el móvil, pinchas encima del nombre de la imagen, ahí debe estar la imagen de la botella correspondiente. Cuando pinches verás la imagen, incluso se haya aumentado

This section of Spanish beers I am doing it little by little because the design of the cards requires time. The bottles of beer of the XXI century I will leave it for the end and the bottles of old beer in group I will do them without hurry because the preference are the bottles of old beer, but there are more than 500 bottles at the moment and I have uploaded about 70. Every week I will put more photos and I will put post to warn you of the novelties. In contact you have my email where I hope you write me with your advice (thanks).

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