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Welcome! I am a beer bottle collector since 1998, nothing compared to other veterans, but I have made this website to teach new fans, as I was learning, from the masters who have been there for more years.

Bienvenido a esta página web «catálogocervezas». La idea de esta página es conseguir un catálogo vivo de las botellas de cerveza que hubo en España hasta el año 2000, las que consideraremos antiguas, aunque alguien puede pensar que las del 2010 o anteriores también son antiguas o alguien piense que las antiguas son anteriores a los 90.

There are great collectors who started decades ago when there was no internet and did an excellent job of their hobby, despite the difficulties of communicating with respect to the digital era. Among them they passed on information that has reached some of us, but there is very little documentation of the breweries of the time, some of them disappeared, some of them re-emerged as craft breweries after decades of closure. Fortunately, with the resurgence of craft beers over the last 20 years, with a growth throughout the Spanish geography that has made the big brands began to release new versions as IPA, “barrica”, “maestra”, special, gran reserva, etc.. But what has emerged with this variety is a greater fondness and interest in beer, and also in collecting it. Although there is a great fondness for the labels, also for the caps, the bottles are one of the most beautiful collections, for their shades and brightness depending on the light, variety of colours, sizes and shapes, some of them have appeared in attics, storage rooms, warehouses, keeping secrets and stories, family, social or labour, which give a great value and that we love to know the collectors.

For those new to the world of collecting for the first time I want to explain some important things like the name of the different caps, the types of stamps that appear on the bottle butt, how to see the differences....

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Beer bottle catalogue


Bottles with modern label, vintage label, silk-screen printed, embossed, acid-etched, with sticker, vinyl, etc...

Crown corks (sheet metal), mechanical seals (for soft drinks), cork, screw or ring.

Antique, modern or blown glass bottles. Transparent or in brown, green, bluish, turquoise colours, with their different shades.

En la base de la botella (que solemos llamar «culo») podemos ver varios tipos por su ancho, su «picada» (la curva de su fondo) y el sello. Hay muchos sellos, algunos descubiertos hace poco, otros muy repetidos y otros ocasionales para una tiradas especiales de fábrica.

You can see some examples here:

Old Spanish
Modern Spanish

Beer bottles catalogue